Technology Has Its Advantages

At Intermediate School 75 in New York, students prepare for the next robotic challenge, even with their lead programmer in the hospital!

According to Donny Swanson, team adviser, the group has been working on their project to combat global warming by making improvements to their school. The team wanted to strengthen their project by sharing their research with other schools and receive feedback on their ideas. The school was allocated funds to purchase new technology to assist their learning. This new technology enabled students to share their work with others without leaving their classroom.

The equipment also proved useful in another way, allowing Mr. Swanson's LEGO class to communicate with their head programmer while he was away from school awaiting a heart transplant. The team wanted their ill teammate's input and advice. Thanks to the added technology all members of team are able to communicate, whether from their classroom, hospital bed, or home!

Check out the following video to get a closer look at this team's project.

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